Leisure & Entertainment

Indago Associates Role:

Our team of experts has vast experience in identifying and supplying competent talent for the Leisure entertainment and Creative Industry.

Human-to-human interaction has a central role in the Leisure and Entertainment industry

With quality customer interactions and good service being of paramount importance. Customers, when thinking of their top ten hotel experiences, are most likely to recall excellent interactions with the hotel

Employees as a key feature. Did they take care of an ill guest? Were they nice to a guest’s children? When a guest was lost, did they walk them to theirdestination instead of simply pointing them?

Despite the centrality of customer interaction, putting together a qualified customer-centric staff is not an easy task, with over 60% of Leisure industry CEO’s claiming it was difficult to hire employees according to one survey. This is where we come in.

At Indago Associates, we use our wide reach to develop a skilled and reliable pool of talent that we recruit from for our clients. This qualifies us to recruit an individual who has the requisite skill set, experience and work ethic to excel in their job at your firm. From mid-level Project Managers to highly qualified veterans of the industry, we have you covered in your search for the ideal person to suit the role that your company requires. Our flexibility means that we will tailor the recruiting process for you, helping your firm recruit to its exact needs and specifications.

Roles we typically
recruit for:

Project Manager

Plans, oversees and leads projects from concept to completion.

Asset Manager

Manage's client assets according to investment preferences and goals.

Theme Park Manager

Responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day running of a theme park

Commercial Manager

Oversees business growth. Identifies areas of the organization that can be expanded and developed.Generates quotes for potential customers, manages contracts and hires vendors.

Events Manager

Plans and organizes promotional, business and social events.

Quantity Surveyor

Manages the costs on a construction project. Ensures that a construction project is completed within its projected budget.

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