Employment in pandemic world

Standing Out

The fast paced and hyper-connected world of today has made connecting employers to job-seekers easier than ever before. This ease comes with increased competition, as more and more people can now search for and apply to the same job.

Within this market, it is important to stand out as a competent, skilled and reliable worker who is flexible enough to meet the needs of an ever-changing landscape. Standing out as such a candidate is even more important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which is permanently altering many work practices along with causing an economic depression that will lead to greater competition for fewer jobs in the short run.

The Art of Communicating

One of the most important skills a potential employee can have is communication. This is why interviews are such an important part of the average recruitment process. They facilitate employers in looking for candidates who are confident, can clearly express their thoughts and are a good fit for the company culture.

Being technically superior to other candidates is of no use if you are unable to communicate your knowledge and expertise to the other members of your team. This is why two-thirds of recruiters across industries cite communication as the most important skill they look for. Being able to effectively communicate is even more important within the context of the pandemic, as an increasing number of jobs are being relocated from offices to homes. In work-from-home environments, a whopping 75% of managers were concerned about reduced team cohesiveness caused by a lack of communication. With many jobs looking to be permanently hybridized as a result of the pandemic, it is thus vital to develop good communication skills to satisfy managers and other members of your team.

Flexibility and Innovation

Apart from communication, flexibility and innovation are other skills actively sought after by employees. The rapid changes brought by technology were already placing these skills at a high premium, a trend that has only been accelerated by the coronavirus. With many jobs seeing changes in methods, locations and processes, it is vital to be flexible in order to show that you are capable of keeping up. No longer is the 9-5 job at a physical office with a predetermined set of functions the norm. Companies are increasingly looking for employees who can not only adapt but thrive in changing circumstances. This flexibility carries over into the ability to innovate and bring new ideas to the table at your firm. Whereas we may think innovation is for scientists or engineers, in reality 43% of executives worldwide cited the ability to innovate as a “competitive necessity” for their company.

You can foster innovation by striving to be at the cutting-edge of your job. The internet has created a network of learning resources readily available for workers to exploit and to develop their skills, thereby increasing their capacity to innovate.

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