Indago Associates Role:

Our team of experts has vast experience in identifying and supplying competent talent for the Ecom and Creative Industry.​

The development of

The development of E-commerce has created new job opportunities due to the uniqueness of the digital landscape.

These jobs require highly skilled workers to manage large amounts of information, customer demands, and production processes. Given the essential nature of the industry, it is important that recruited employees be well-versed to all of its intricacies and attuned to its changing trends and patterns.

To ensure that your company is able to recruit these employees is our job, executed by our team of experts who have vast experience in identifying and supplying competent talent for the E-commerce Industry. At Indago Associates, we use our wide reach to develop a skilled and reliable pool of talent that we recruit from for our clients.

This qualifies us to recruit an individual who has the requisite skill set, experience and work ethic to excel in their job at your firm. From mid-level E-commerce Product Managers to highly qualified veterans of the industry, we have you covered in your search for the ideal person to suit the role that your company requires.

Our flexibility means that we will tailor the recruiting process for you, helping your firm recruit to its exact needs and specifications.

Roles we typically
recruit for:

Director of E-commerce

Plans, develops and executes content plans, monitors performance analytics and oversees the firm’s E-commerce interests.

Payment Gateway Specialist

Develops, maintains and deploys payment gateway mechanisms.

Key Account Manager

E-commerce : Builds, develops and manages a firm’s E-commerce relationships.

E-commerce Merchandiser

Oversees, develops and executes the merchandising strategy and tactical plans for a firm across its digitalchannels.

E-commerce Category Manager

Develops and executes category management strategies for a company’s E-commerce interests.

Vendor Manager

Manages vendor activities and maintains both new and existing vendor relationships.

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